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Old Hollywood Glamour!

It feels so good to do studio work again. And yes, it's been a while. And, Like always, I'm going to do better with my frequency in posting content. Yeah, I know It's been a hot second, but less than a year :)

So here goes.

I found this fantastic old camelback couch in my local Facebook But Nothing group (I've been looking for one for years), add one hot light donated by a friend who was moving and Old Glamour Magic!

I still can't believe that this girl is fourteen in a week or so. It was so much fun photographing her and her cousin before their first formal! You are gorgeous on the inside and out, Elenor! Stay a sweetheart!

I'm told (I've seen the photos) that Elenor and Elliana have been the best of friends since birth and it was so much fun to laugh with them and send them off to their first dance.

More Home studio photos to come; stay tuned.


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