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{Hi, I'm Heather}

     I've been photographing life since I was about four years old... when my grandfather gave me my first camera, probably because he was tired of me stealing his {it was an old point and shoot 110 film cartridge camera, remember those? I always thought the cartridges looked like little binoculars}...


     Professionally, I've been a photographer for the last 20+ years. Oh my word! Just typing "20 years" makes me feel old. When I graduated from high school I knew I wanted to pursue photography as my career, so with my newly registered trade name, I booked my first portrait session for 20 bucks and my first wedding for the cost of my film and processing (definitely lost money on that, but I gained a lot of experience). I've learned a lot along the way, photographed hundreds of events and apprenticed under some of the most skilled and gifted photographers in the Upper Northeast {that is, in the New York/New Jersey/Philly area}. I have been so blessed to work for and with such gifted photographers.  In 2004 I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, and I've traveled up and down the east coast and out west photographing Big Life Moments and All the Little Moments in between.

I love the emotion that a photograph can capture, a day filled with love, laughter, tears of joy and sometimes sorrow; how looking at a single photo can flood you with so many memories of that time or place again. Those cherish moments that you forever look back on as life passes by so quickly. THIS is my passion, to capture your special memories through photos that you will cherish forever; reflecting who you are and bringing you back to a particular moment in time. This has become particularly important to me as I have passed through my own mile stones: sickness, military deployments (my husband is a US Marine), marriage, more military deployments, births of three beautiful baby boys, and a now baby number four on the way... I'm watching my boys grown and I can't believe how fast time is passing by!

I am struck daily that I need to "take more photos" (of which there are already tens of thousands) to remember these happy times, to get us through the ups and downs of life. 


So who is this Heather Albert person?

I'm a life loving, passionate, coffee obsessed, woman (who tends to wear my heart on my sleeve more often then not), a photographer, a devoted wife, and adoring mommy; I'm a Jesus follower and love God with all that I am. And I absolutely love that my "job" is capturing life's precious moments for others! Remembering all of life's good times and sometimes the hard ones too, has been so important in my own life, and it's truly a blessing to be able to share in memories with my clients {who have become my friends too}.

So why a Name Change? Well as life is changing and more children come my way I'm feeling like keeping things simple. So It made sense to me to Change: Radiant Reflections Lifestyle Photography by Heather Albert to simply "Heather Albert Photography" cause that is MY name after all (wink, wink).


I look forward to working with you God Bless and keep you.

Contact Me

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 


Thanks for Stopping by, God Bless!

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